Kitchens Hockley

DCS Builders is a kitchen building and development company in Hockley. We offer bespoke kitchen building services to anyone planning a new kitchen project for their home. We are kitchen specialists who will work with you throughout the planning and construction stages to ensure the outcome exceeds your expectations.

What kind of kitchen are you interested in? Do you want a rustic farmhouse kitchen or a modern-style kitchen with a family space in it? We can design any type of kitchen you want to accommodate in your home.

We will begin the project by creating 3D drawings of your new kitchen. The drawings will give you a chance to visualise what your kitchen could look like. Then, once we have the design to your liking, we’ll begin constructing the kitchen the same way.

A custom kitchen can do wonders for the value of your home too. So if you have a kitchen design unlike any other, it could attract homebuyers in the future. That is something else to think about when investing in a new kitchen for your home.

DCS Builders is a local kitchen builder with an established reputation in Hockley. If you’re ready to consult with us about your kitchen project, you can reach our team at 01702 257100.